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When you have time it would be kool to see some Challenge Of The Superfriends gifs

Asked by aprilspawn

Well, I have 149 posts to start with! Although it’s a mix of Challenge of the Superfriends, Superfriends The Legendary Powers Show, Superfriends (1980), etc.

I definitely plan on more, right now I’m finishing up Spooky Space Kook then more Nightmare Before Christmas to build up some Halloween posts, I’ll work more into the rotation though.

Man, I'm loving the Scooby Doo gifs as well, but looking at them makes me realize just how cheap that animation was. It's part of the charm of the show when you watch it, but it's so bizarre looking when isolated. Either way, keep 'em coming!

Asked by theseductionhour

Yeah, Disney animation would do 18-24 frames per second, Scooby often had 8-12 frames per second, with a lot of loops, zooms and other tricks to avoid making in-between cells.